Thursday, August 03, 2006


Hi, Mike Sembler here! I'm here to fight the predjudice I faced as a white wide receiver in high school and college and make the future brighter for my brothers on the gridiron from this point forward. We hope to eliminate such hate language as:

--"Possession receiver"

--"Deceptively fast"

--"Gritty, team player"

When you hear that, white wide receivers, you are being labeled. You are being oppressed! Don't let them--the pundits, the writers, the announcers--do that to you!

We'll post more as we develop our PowerPoint presentations, motivational clips, and other materials to help fight this predjudice. We don't want special handouts. We just want equality. Fight on, and remember: when you go across the middle, everyone's the same color!